Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

Affirmative Action for Discrimination

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Affirmative Action for Discrimination

Affirmative Action for Discrimination

While discrimination has been a negative aspect which ruins the standards of society, there have been actions taken to counter it. Discrimination is part of our everyday lives; whether it is gender, minority or based on one’s physical characteristics. Discrimination a term is used to define unjustified behavior which is biased to some people and therefore, causes conflict. An ideal society is where there is equal pay for all, no oppression against any member of society due to the person’s individuality, background, social class or physical appearance. While discrimination continues to erode our environment and takes us further away from achieving peace, some governments have taken a step forward by introducing the principle of affirmative action.

Affirmative action is a positive discrimination approach in which certain people from the disadvantaged groups are favored to make the situation better and equal in some way. However, some people argue that affirmative action further ruins the situation of discrimination. It happens because the affirmative action approach makes some portions of the society equal for the disadvantaged groups.

In this process, the people who are being favored are looked down upon because they are considered as being favored by the government. Even if these minorities (or people who were being discriminated before) start to make an effort or do hard work for their success, they are criticized as they tend have things easy for them through the affirmative action approach. The government should assess the after effects of the affirmative action and should introduce another approach which could incorporate the efforts of the victims in discrimination. As compared to the traditional societies, the level of discrimination has reduced in the current century.

The effect of discrimination can be countered through providing awareness to people about the repercussions of their discriminatory behavior. While tackling discrimination, the governments should that the modern society has changed and the attitudes of the victims have also changed. The people who were being discriminated are more willing to change their life and they have even started to make efforts to improve their life as well. If the government wants to achieve a society with no discrimination, then the approach of everything should be on merit.  For example, the admission policies in educational institutes should involve policies in which people can work to get accepted and not because they belong to a certain disadvantaged group. This would be unfair with the people who belong from the elite classes, but they have worked hard for the admission. Thus, equal opportunity should be given to every individual despite their background, social class or physical characteristics.

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